Bass Guitar Fretboard Memorization: Memorize and Begin Using the Entire Fretboard Quickly and Easily


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Bass Guitar Fretboard Memorization is a comprehensive guide designed to simplify the process of memorizing the bass guitar fretboard. Utilizing the unique Seeing Music method, this resource teaches you to view the fretboard through visual cues and divides it into manageable zones. The guide also includes a multitude of exercises and professional strategies, with an emphasis on the C Major and Chromatic scales for quick note identification. Free downloadable audio examples are available here at for practical learning, this book is an essential tool for enhancing fretboard memory and navigating with confidence, making it an invaluable resource for both budding and seasoned bassists.

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Is your biggest obstacle simply memorizing the notes of the fretboard? Learn the secrets to bass guitar fretboard memorization QUICKLY and EASILY.

Bass Guitar Fretboard Memorization reveals the secrets used by professional bassists everywhere to memorize the entire fretboard. In just a few easy lessons, you’ll develop the skills to solve this problem common to all student bassists.

Memorize the entire fretboard, FAST! Great bass players know how to find any note quickly and so can you. And, you’ll be using the Seeing Music method that lets you learn music using visual cues. Just as you can already distinguish a triangle from a square or circle, successful bass players see music on the fretboard of their instrument.

AUDIO BONUS: Loads of audio examples from the book for free download to get you learning FAST! Download free MP3s of the lessons at

NEVER feel lost again: Using our Zone Approach, you will learn to divide the fretboard into useful regions, simplifying the neck.

Let’s make this EASY: Just as easily as you navigate around your home neighborhood, you can navigate around the fretboard. Inside, you’ll learn to harness the power of the C Major and Chromatic scales and apply them anywhere on the neck to find any note. Most students are shocked when they learn how easy it is!

Bass Guitar Fretboard Memorization will show you step-by-step how to quickly and confidently develop your fretboard knowledge.

Do you feel limited by your note knowledge? –

Learn to simplify the fretboard using strategies that great bass players know.

Do you find learning the fretboard overwhelming? –

Make the process easy by dividing the fretboard using a Zone Approach.

Do you want to break out and explore the fretboard? –

In just a few lessons, you can do it! Plus, this book is loaded with exercises to improve your fretboard memory and put it to work immediately.

One of the greatest obstacles to bass students is learning the fretboard. This process doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to take much time, either. And, once you’ve learned the secrets to memorizing the notes, you’ll be on your way to creating music for a lifetime.

In Bass Guitar Fretboard Memorization, you will learn:

  • How to read fretboard diagrams
  • How to find ANY note
  • How to simplify the fretboard into regions
  • The C Major scale at many locations
  • The Chromatic scale
  • Using anchor notes to quickly find any note name
  • Numerous shortcuts to navigating the fretboard

Complete Chapter Listing:

  • Fretboard Diagrams
  • Know Your Fretboard (Part I)
  • The C Major Scale
  • Know Your Fretboard (Part II)
  • The Chromatic Scale
  • Know Your Fretboard (Part III)
  • Know Your Fretboard (Part IV)
  • Anchor Notes
  • Exercises for Dexterity
  • Exercise Your Fretboard Creativity
  • Exercises Up & Down the Fretboard
  • Milestones (Learning Review)
  • Fretboard Reference
  • Blank (Fretboard) Diagrams and Staff Paper

Make a big change in your confidence and musical knowledge. Never be at a loss to find a note again.

Memorizing the fretboard isn’t like memorizing an encyclopedia. It’s really a very simple process that most students find fast and easy. Follow this step-by-step method and get the knowledge you need, today!

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