Left-Handed Banjo Scales Encyclopedia: Fast Reference for the Scales You Need in Every Key


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Left-Handed Banjo Scales Encyclopedia is a must-have reference guide, exclusively designed for left-handed banjo players. This book serves as an extensive compendium of scales, modes, pentatonics, and more, to enhance your musical knowledge and capabilities. Each scale is explained with several fingering variations, catering to every skill level and need. From basics like Major and Minor to complex ones like the half/whole-diminished scales, this encyclopedia has got it all. The book’s organization by Key and Scale Type makes it easy for you to quickly locate the scale you’re seeking. This guide not only helps you master scales, the fundamental building blocks of all music, but also enables you to venture into new sonic territories, invigorate your solos, and create diverse melodies. So, keep Left-Handed Banjo Scales Encyclopedia on your music stand and unlock your limitless creative potential. The Universe of Scales awaits!

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Just for Lefties! Keep the scales you need in easy reach. Scales, modes, pentatonics and more. Never be lost to find a scale again.

Left-Handed Banjo Scales Encyclopedia will grow your knowledge of scales and keep those hard to remember scales in easy reach. Now you don’t have to keep that information in your head. Just keep Left-Handed Banjo Scales Encyclopedia on your music stand!

For each scale, several fingering variations are provided. Looking for a fingering challenge? Try a half/whole-diminished scale starting with your 4th finger! Need a C Sharp Minor Pentatonic? It’s in here, too.

Scales are MUCH more than mundane exercises. They are the basis for all solos, chords and melodies. No song could exist without them! More than music theory alone, mastering scales is a fundamental step in every guitarist’s development.

Does it seem impossible, keeping all those scales in your head? Looking for confidence when trying new sonic palettes?

Break out of old routines and explore whole new melodic and harmonic palettes. Make solos truly exciting. Look at scales in a whole new way with limitless creative possibilities. Use your new scalar knowledge with confidence!

Organized by Key and Scale Type.

Find the scale you need quickly. Chapters are organized by the scale root, then the flavor of the scale: Major, Minor, Dominant, Augmented, Diminished, etc.

Scales are the backbone of music. They open the door to new melodies and make soloing exciting.

In Left-Handed Banjo Scales Encyclopedia, you will find:

  • Modes of major scales
  • Many types of minor scales
  • Scales not derivative of the major scale
  • How to Spell Scales
  • Whole Tone scales
  • Diminished scales and more

Complete Chapter Listing:

  • Spelling Scales
  • Scales with Root A
  • Scales with Root A Sharp/B Flat
  • Scales with Root B
  • Scales with Root C
  • Scales with Root C Sharp/D Flat
  • Scales with Root D
  • Scales with Root D Sharp/E Flat
  • Scales with Root E
  • Scales with Root F
  • Scales with Root F Sharp/G Flat
  • Scales with Root G
  • Scales with Root G Sharp/A Flat
  • Chromatic Scales

A Must-Have reference guide to banjo scales. All of the scales you use, all in one place.

Take this important step to real music mastery. Scales are the fundamental building blocks of nearly all music. Don’t be left without this important aspect of music theory. The Universe of Scales awaits!

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