Left-Handed Ukulele Beginners Jumpstart: Learn Basic Chords, Rhythms and Play Your First Songs


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“Left-Handed Ukulele Beginners Jumpstart” is a comprehensive guide for the southpaw aspiring to play the ukulele. Spanning 84 pages, this book provides step-by-step instructions to establish a solid musical foundation, including chord diagrams, note names, and essential scales, all presented through the innovative Seeing Music visual method.

Designed for learners of all ages, this method has been proven effective and feels like having a personal teacher guiding you. It’s packed with player’s point-of-view photos to ensure you’re fingering chords correctly, and comes with an array of audio examples to bolster your practice.

The book covers major and minor chords, commonly used rhythms, and provides tips for selecting your first ukulele, all to get you strumming traditional, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll songs in no time. “Left-Handed Ukulele Beginners Jumpstart” is not just about learning; it’s about fast-tracking your journey to musical joy.
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Just for Lefties! Everything You Need to Learn Ukulele the Right Way. Chords, Rhythms and Music Principles to Get You Strumming Your First Songs in Just a Matter of Days

Left-Handed Ukulele Beginners Jumpstart teaches you music fundamentals and ukulele skills to get you started the right way.

Learn to play ukulele, FAST! Even if you’ve never made music before, you’ll gain confidence as you hear your first notes, strum your first chords and complete your first songs. And, you’ll be learning the Seeing Music method that lets you learn music easily using visual cues.

Learn the proper way to strum, form chords and find different and interesting rhythms.

Any time or age is a great time to begin ukulele. This method has been tested with child and adult learners and has proven to work. It’s like having a teacher with 30 years of experience sitting right there with you!

Lots of photos from the learner’s point-of-view.

Have you tried learning chords, only to find it difficult to know when you’re fingering them correctly? Just like having a music teacher to demonstrate, our chord photos show you how your hand should look from both the front and from YOUR point-of-view! Check yourself against the photos and learn with confidence!

Step-by-step instructions for learning success. Great for kids or adults!

Even if you’ve tried to play uke before and failed, Left-Handed Ukulele Beginners Jumpstart will walk you step-by-step from your first note to your first chords and your first songs. And, along the way you’ll be learning the valuable foundation of music and music terms that will accelerate your learning long after you’ve finished the book.

AUDIO BONUS: Loads of audio examples from the book for free download to get you learning FAST! Download free MP3s of the lessons at SeeingMusicBooks.com

Learn the fundamentals of music: chords, scales, note names and basic songs. Know when you’re doing it right using our photos from YOUR point-of-view to check your fingering.

In Left-Handed Ukulele Beginners Jumpstart, you will learn:

  • How to Read Chord Diagrams
  • Note Names Through the First 5 Frets
  • Time Signatures
  • Note Values (eighth, quarter, half)
  • Major and Minor Chords
  • Many Commonly Used Rhythms
  • C Major and D Major Scales
  • Traditional, Blues and Rock and Roll Songs
  • Correct Hand Position Using Player’s Point-of-View Photos

Complete Chapter Listing:

  • Selecting Your First Ukulele
  • Ukulele Care and Maintenance
  • Day 1 – Proper Playing Position
  • Fretboard Diagrams
  • Day 2 – Playing Single Notes
  • Day 3 – The C Major Scale
  • Day 4 – Playing Your First Chords
  • Know Your Ukulele
  • Day 5 – Playing Barre Chords
  • Day 6 – Scales and Chords
  • Learning Your Fretboard
  • Day 7 – The Waltz
  • Day 8 – New Strumming Patterns
  • Day 9 – More Barre Chords
  • Day 10 – Minor Chords
  • Day 11 – All About 7th Chords
  • Day 12 – Play Your First Songs
  • Milestones in Music (Review)
  • Chord and Note Reference

Begin Your Ukulele Playing Adventure Here! Learn the right way from day one and you’ll be on the road to musical success.

Save time, save frustration and build the skills you need with this fun, thorough beginner’s method for ukulele.

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84 pages, 8 1/2″ x 11” paperback, glossy cover.

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