Flash Card Flips for Left-Handed Ukulele Chords – Level: Easy: Test Your Memory of Beginning Ukulele Chords


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Strum with confidence with “Flash Card Flips for Left-Handed Ukulele Chords” – the perfect learning companion for southpaw strummers! This innovative 102-page book offers a fresh take on mastering ukulele chords with a flashcard-style format, specifically designed for left-handed players.

Each page poses a chord question, like “Play A Major using open-strings,” with the answer on the back, featuring a left-oriented fretboard diagram. Dive into major, minor, and essential 7th chords, all laid out with standard notation, fingerings, and note names as you’d find in traditional songbooks.

Once you’ve honed your skills with the basic questions, flip the book for a whole new set of challenges! It’s an engaging way to test your knowledge and apply it directly to your playing, whether you’re holding your uke or just visualizing the chords.

“Flash Card Flips for Left-Handed Ukulele Chords” will bolster your skills in:

Major and Minor Chords
Open-string and Barre Chords
Basic 7th Chords (Major, Minor, and Dominant)
The introduction gives clear instructions and essential tips for reading fretboard diagrams. Ideal for beginners, these essential chords are the building blocks you’ll use in countless songs.

Join the fun and master the basics of ukulele chords. Your journey towards ukulele mastery starts here with this handy 5” by 8” glossy paperback!
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Just for Lefties! Like Flashcards for Math or Language – Learn Ukulele Chords in a Flash! A Brand New Approach to Learning Music.

Flash Card Flips for Left-Handed Ukulele Chords are a new and fun way to learn music and test your memory. Just like flashcards for math or languages, questions to test your knowledge are on one side of a page and the answers are on the back side. Open to a random page, read the question and then turn the page to check your answer.

At some time you’ve probably used flashcards to learn a subject. Your flashcards had a question on one side (Q: 2+2=?) and on the other side, the answer (A: 4).

Flash Card Flips works just like that! On each page you’ll find a question such as “Play A Major using open-strings”. On the backside of the page, you’ll see the answer, which in this example is the fretboard diagram for A Major.

Test your memory and knowledge of basic uke chords.

Chord types are major, minor and basic 7th chords. Solidify your knowledge of both open-string chords and barre chords.

Standard chord notation is used, like that you’ll find with many songbooks. Fingerings and note names are included with each diagram.

Once you master the first set of questions, FLIP IT!

When you’re ready for another challenge, turn the book upside-down for a more advanced set of fl­ash questions.

One set of questions asks you to identify the name of the chord from the fretboard diagram which shows the fingering and note names. This is a great way to begin learning chords, even if you don’t have a uke in your hands. Just reading these diagrams is a good way to begin.

Flipping the book over, the second set of questions ask you to play a given chord. Then on the back side of the page is the answer: a fretboard diagram showing the fingering, chord symbol and note names. These are two different and complementary ways to expand your chord knowledge.

Flash Card Flips for Left-Handed Ukulele Chords will test your knowledge of:

Major and Minor Chords

Open-string and Barre Chords

Basic 7th Chords (Major, Minor and Dominant)

The introductory chapter “How to Use This Book” gives instructions for using the book, as well as an explanation of how to read fretboard diagrams.

This is the easy level of chord questions, great for any beginner. These are the first chords usually taught to beginning students and they are commonly seen in many popular songs. You’ll be able to put your new chord knowledge to use right away!

A new and fun way to learn basic ukulele chords. Challenge yourself or learn with a friend.

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102 pages, 5” by 8” paperback with glossy cover.

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