9 Things You Must Know Before Teaching Yourself Bass Guitar: Music Tips and Learning Advice from a Fellow Self-Taught Bassist


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Embark on your bass guitar journey with confidence! “9 Things You Must Know Before Teaching Yourself Bass Guitar” is your essential guide to navigating the sea of educational materials. This book ensures you start on the right note, emphasizing music fundamentals for continual progress. Embrace the unique “Seeing Music” visual method to intuitively master chord and scale shapes, and benefit from key insights to avoid common pitfalls. With free audio examples to complement your learning and tips for developing a productive practice routine, this book is a treasure trove of wisdom for every aspiring bassist. Unlock the secrets to self-taught success and build a solid foundation in musicianship with this 28-page guide.
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Of Course, You Can Teach Yourself Bass! With Tons of Books and Videos Available, Some Are Better Than Others. In a Universe Filled with Bass Guitar Books, You’ll Want to Choose and Learn Wisely. Here’s the Guide You’ll Want to Read First.

9 Things You Must Know Before Teaching Yourself Bass Guitar will set you on a course of learning you will grow on. Good learning materials teach you more than just fingerings and rhythms. Good teaching includes music fundamentals so you can continue to progress long after the lesson is over.

Teach yourself bass, the RIGHT way! Bassists have a wealth of amazing learning materials at their fingertips: books, videos, online blogs..and some is better than others. You CAN teach yourself bass, but not all information is good or accurate – good information leads you to success, bad information slows your progress. Seeing Music method books are here to give you good advice that applies to your genre and style. AUDIO BONUS: Audio examples from the book for FREE download. Check yourself against the recordings for quick, confident learning. Go to seeingmusicbooks.com

It’s this EASY: Just as you can draw the basic shapes of triangle, square or circle from memory, successful bass players can visually “draw” chord and scale shapes on their ­fingerboards and move those shapes around easily, creating new music. This is the Seeing Music method of visual learning.

Music is a bit like sports. Everything is based on fundamentals. Learn to spot the books and videos that will load you up with those fundamentals of musicianship.

Learn BASS GUITAR and the building blocks of MUSIC. Music is more than just a bunch of fingerings to remember – when you start with great advice, you’ll get where you’re going much faster!

It’s not always what you do. It’s what you DON’T do.

Learn from GOOD advice and avoid BAD advice. Spend more time learning lasting music lessons by AVOIDING the trouble spots. In this book, you’ll learn what to look for when selecting learning materials.

You CAN teach yourself bass. Here’s the guide you’ll want to read first.

In 9 Things You Must Know Before Teaching Yourself Bass Guitar, you will learn:

  • Importance of Good Hand Position
  • Avoid Bad Rhythm
  • Avoid Bad Teaching
  • Avoid a Video-Game Mentality
  • Develop a Fun Routine
  • Set Goals to Keep Learning

Complete Chapter Listing:

  • Fretboard Diagrams
  • Avoid Learning Troubles
  • Now Head for Success
  • Milestones

The guide to learning how to teach yourself bass guitar. A quick-start guide every bass player should read.

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28 pages, 8 ½” by 11” paperback.

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