Maybe you have some Holiday cash in your pocket and are shopping for a new guitar or maybe you’re happy with your trusty ol’ 6-string buddy, but do you know all the features available on a guitar? While most acoustics or electrics are basically similar, the variety of options to the player are astounding. And, they can impact the playability and value greatly.

Below is a diagram of the parts and features of one acoustic guitar. As detailed in the buyer’s guide in “Beginners Guitar Jumpstart“, not all of these features are found on every guitar. For example, the cutaway provides access to the upper frets but also changes the sound slightly. The guitar shown here also has built-in volume and tone controls, indicating a pre-amp on-board that is a great feature when hooking up to a PA system. Virtually every item mentioned on the diagram below has different options available which impact the quality of sound, the usability and the value. 

Every musician should feel confident about their musical knowledge and have the tools to propel their own education. This is what Seeing Music books are all about. They meet you, the learner where you are at in your musical journey, providing solid no-nonsense methods to learning. If you’re just beginning, have a look at “Beginners Guitar Jumpstart“, a complete method for learning the guitar from Day 1. If you’ve had some experience on the guitar and are now wanting to grow your musical understanding “Seeing Music on the Guitar” covers basic music theory and teaches how to build more advanced chords, as well. Both books use the Seeing Music visual method to propel your learning in a brand new way using the power of the human visual learning system.

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– Andy Schneider

Know Your Guitar diagram
From Beginner’s Guitar Jumpstart, guitar features diagram